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Keyboard and Mouse

Training in Our Workshop

Social Distance

Our workshops are located in a structure that complies with social distance rules, consists of ventilated environments and is constantly disinfected.

Training Periods

Our education period is 1 day and 1 hour a week, and progresses in parallel with the Academic calendar of the Ministry of National Education.

Age Groups

We work with students between the ages of 6-14 in our Robotic Coding and Algorithm trainings. Each group is divided into different ages within itself.


We are planning a free demo lesson to determine the readiness level of our students who want to attend our workshops. According to the situation of our students, we place them in groups with students at their own level.

One-to-One Workshop

Due to the ongoing pandemic process, you can attend our one-to-one workshops if you wish.

Social support

We record the work we do during the workshop with photos and videos. After the workshop, we share all the images and videos through the whatsapp groups we created for our parents.

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