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Robotic Coding


We are in a time when things are starting to connect to the internet and communicate with each other. Smart homes, smart cities and smart vehicles have begun to enter our lives. In the near future, many new professions that do not exist now will emerge and many existing professions will no longer be needed. For this reason, it is very important to equip our children with 21st century skills. Robotics/Coding science is very effective in developing these skills and building the future. By participating in our Robotics Workshops, children's self-confidence, self-esteem, productivity and scientific process, problem solving, communication and cooperation skills develop. They grow up as individuals who can produce their own solutions for the problems around them, who know algorithms and coding, and who can reveal their own products. The factor that we pay the most attention to in our workshops is that your children create concrete, not abstract works. In other words, your child will have the opportunity to experience by doing and living. Thanks to our content enriched with visual elements and smart robots, your children will enjoy Robotics and Coding Education.



To the child 

What Qatar?

Informatics Literacy:It allows him to see computers outside of Gaming, Internet and Social Media.
Partnership:Learns to cooperate with different people from different countries around the world.
Productivity:It increases the ability to experiment and produce.
Team work:It teaches the importance of being in harmony with friends.
Sharing:It makes you realize that knowledge multiplies as it is shared.
Interdisciplinary Interaction:It teaches how to melt multiple lessons in one pot.
Programming:It raises generations that produce technology, not consume by using technology.




In our trainings, we use Lego Education systems, which are used in the field of robotics and coding all over the world. With Lego Education, students have the experience of both obtaining tangible products and learning block-based coding. It is possible to reach Lego Education contents. Only at the point of presenting the content, quality gains importance. The permanence of material-based education alone is weak. Our trainers bring quality qualifications to robotics and coding education with the special content they prepare.



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