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Special Services for Institutions

Onsite Training

All you have to do is to reach us in order to educate the students of your institution. We come to your institution and train your students.

Professional Service

We inform the institution and the parents of the students about the educational content before they start working and regularly every month. We convey our study plans in line with the curriculum and achievements to the institutions.

No Materials Required

The Robotic Coding kits we use  can create a costly burden to institutions. That's why we come with our own sets and give our training.

Expert Educators

Our staff providing training in the field of Robotic Coding consists of teachers who graduated from the Faculty of Education in the field of Information Technologies Teaching (Undergraduate).

Small Groups

According to the number of students in the institution; We are making a joint plan with the institution. In order for full learning to take place, we arrange our groups to consist of a maximum of 6 people.

Social support

After each training, we share with you the visuals and videos of the workshop we have done with your students. We also edit images and videos and share them by tagging you on our social media page.

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